Femdom Forced Bi and Cuckold Humiliation Video

Sexy Mistress cuckolds her slave

I just saw this and like it so much, I had to post about it.

If you’re one of my phone domination callers who’s into cuckold humiliation or femdom forced bi, you will love this super humiliating cuckold video where a real life slave’s sexy Mistress decides to fulfill his cuckold fantasies. The video includes just about every cuckold humiliation scenario you can imagine like being locked into a chastity device, made to suck cock and ask a man to fuck him while his Mistress taunts him, forced to watch while she gets fucked by a well hung stud, made to lick the cum out of her pussy — and more.

Here’s a shot from one of the hottest scenes from the video.

So check out the video and let it jump start your cuckold cock sucking fantasies, then give me a call.

5 New Femdom Audio MP3s

Yes, five new femdom audio mp3s. Cock control, feminization, cuckold, forced bi, spanking — whatever your kink, it’s probably in at least one of the erotic audios below. All are available via Niteflirt; click on the link for each mp3 for a full description.

Cock Controlled At The Office
Watching porn and masturbating at the office? Your female boss isn’t pleased.

Sissy Husband’s Surprise
In this sissy audio, your wife catches you in one of your secret dress up sessions but she’s not upset at all. She even encourages you. What a lucky sissy husband you are! Or are you?

Cuckold Cum Eater
I’m home after a hot session with my lover and you’re craving creampie.

Ready To Serve
Another sissy audio. In this one, I describe and review your performance during your weeks of training as my sissy maid. But your sissy training isn’t finished yet.

Twisted Discipline
You’re thrilled to watch out your window every night as the mysterious woman in the apartment across the alley humiliatingly punishes another woman who insultingly rejected you. The shows get more and more exciting but then things start to spin out of control.

Cuckold Phone Sex – Your Cuckold Confesssion

One of the best things about cuckold phone sex is listening to your cuckold confessions. Some callers do tell me stories that are just fantasies about things they wish would happen but I’ve heard more than one cuckold confession that is 100% real. I know they’re real because I’ve seen photos of some of my callers watching their wife or girlfriend being serviced by her lover. Once I saw a photo of one of my cuckold husband callers on his knees, submissively sucking the bull’s big black cock, while his hot wife laid on the bed next to them.

So, whether or not I see actual photos, I know plenty of you guys out there really are being cuckolded. And I love hearing your voices quiver as you masturbate to the memory of things like being humiliated as you watch your wife take a cock twice the size of yours or lying between her legs, eating creampie as she taunts you about her lover’s superior sexual performance.

For most of you, cuckold phone sex is your only outlet to talk to someone who understands what a turn on that humiliation is for you. So pick up the phone and tell me your most humiliating cuckold confession.


1 – 800 – 815 – 4362

$2.19 / minute

Phone Sex MP3 – Sissy Whore Training Femdom Audio

On the biggest shopping weekend of the year, I have a new phone sex mp3 for you.  So many of you have been buying up my other femdom audio recordings lately that I thought it was time to make some new ones.  This one will appeal most to my sissy phone sex callers.  It’s 9 minutes of me talking about all the slutty things your sissy whore fantasies are made of — being stripped, shaved, dressed up, taking my strap on and swallowing a load of your cum for me.

Now take your hand out of your panties, sissy, and click on the “buy now” buttons below for pricing and information on Sissy Whore Training and my other femdom audio recordings.  And check back again soon for another phone sex mp3.

Sissy Whore Training

Naked Plaything

Whoring You Out

Small Cock Cuckold Humiliation

Breaking In Your Virgin Sissy Mouth and Ass

Panty Pervert’s Punishment