Fetish Chat And Sexting

What a surprise this was! Niteflirt just launched a great new option for sext chat. I’ve just been trying it out for a few days and love it.  For regular callers, it’s an easy way to keep in touch between calls.  For those who’ve never called me before, it’s a great way to get acquainted and develop a connection before talking on the phone.  But what’s really been fun is sexting at times when you don’t have enough privacy to talk but you’re still craving some dirty distraction.  Even if your wife or girlfriend is in the next room or you’re at your desk at work or having lunch in a crowded restaurant, you can still pass the time with some secret titillating conversation.

The new sext chat feature is easier and more discreet to use than Niteflirt’s email. Your text message is sent through your Niteflirt account, not your phone’s SMS system, so your phone number is never revealed and there are no incriminating messages to be accidentally found on your phone by prying eyes.

You can chat anywhere and anytime using a phone, tablet or computer. And you’re charged per message, not by the minute, so you can text and reply in between doing other things. You can send me a text anytime, even when I’m not available for calls on Niteflirt. Most of the time I’ll be able to reply right away but if I’m sleeping or in a place where I can’t text, but I’ll reply as soon as I can.  So click the button below and send me a message.

Wondering What Your Phone Mistress Is Wearing?

“What are you wearing, Mistress?”  It’s a phone sex cliche but my callers do ask it all the time.  When someone asked it again today, I decided I should answer the question with a blog post.  After all, the answer to a question like this should be visual, shouldn’t it?

I’m sure most callers ask because of the fetish nature of phone domination calls.  They want to imagine me attired in a way that fits their fantasy.   Probably my femdom fetish callers like to imagine me dressed in something short, tight and shiny like this:

fetish femdom Mistress Edenn

My strap-on and cuckold phone sex callers probably picture me in something sexy and skimpy like this:

Cuckold Phone Mistress wearing lingerie.

And I know my spanking phone sex callers see me sternly standing in front of them like this:

Femdom Spanking Mistress phone sex

The truth is that I do dress up sometimes in sexy, fetish clothes just because it’s fun.  I’ve always loved fetishwear and provocative, feminine lingerie.  I’ve done many phone domination calls dressed in lacy bras and panties or a super short skirt with stockings and high heels.  But other times when I’m talking to you, I could be dressed much more casually, like this:

Mistress Edenn on a phone domination call.

If you want a little visual stimulation to enhance your calls with me, you can find more of my sexy photos on Niteflirt right here.  Check out my femdom audio mp3s too.

Spanking Fetish Phone Sex

Do you know that your favorite phone Mistress is also the top rated Flirt in the spanking phone sex section of Niteflirt? I have lots of kinky interests but my spanking fetish was my very first kinky compulsion. The others developed gradually over time but my love for blistering a man’s backside hasn’t diminished even a bit.

Spanking phone domination sessions with Mistress EdennSome people think of spanking as strictly about corporal punishment and discipline, and much as I enjoy those things, there’s much more to it than just that. I’ve introduced it to plenty of kinksters and turned them into avid spanking enthusiasts. Spanking works very well with lots of other fetishes.

It’s the perfect “warm up” for strap on play. Most men seem to love the vulnerable feeling of being bent over, head down/bottom up and having their ass thoroughly reddened before being penetrated with a strap on.

There’s also CFNM (clothed female/naked male). If CFNM is a turn on for you, you’ll probably be aroused by being stripped naked, made to stand naked in the corner, then having to stand naked in front of your clothed female disciplinarian while being lectured, before she pulls you across her knees to be spanked naked.

Or sissy training! What naughty sissy slut doesn’t fantasize about being put over her Mistress’ lap for a paddling? What sissy maid doesn’t dream of having to bend over and lift her frilly skirts to be caned over her panties?

Tickling too. If you have a tickling fetish,  it can be very exciting to be tightly pinned down across a woman’s lap, while your bottom is alternately tickled and spanked.

Spanking can be a sexy punishment to inflict in tease and denial, orgasm control and forced masturbation games too. It can also be excitingly embarrassing for humiliation sluts, especially if I threaten to spank him in front of one of my girlfriends. Or if he’s a cuckold, in front of the bull.

Whether it’s disciplinary or erotic, fantasy or role play or — best of all — directing you in giving yourself a real paddling as I listen, spanking always works for me in any phone domination session.  So if you share my spanking fetish, or want to see if you can develop one, you really should give me a call.



Guided Masturbation Phone Domination

Do you like guided masturbation phone sex? Having your Mistress direct you, controlling how you stroke, how fast or slow you stroke, directing you to start or stop at her whim? This kind of cock control can be pure fun or it can be intensely challenging and it’s appealing even to callers who don’t like other types of phone domination.

Guided masturbation for a phone domination sessionOf course, in a guided masturbation phone sex call, your Mistress is relying on you to obey her instructions. To do exactly as she tells you to do, when she tells you. I always remind callers that if they cheat, they’re really only cheating themselves because they’re missing out on the experience of surrendering control. But even if you want to obey exactly, it can be hard to do. Hard to slow down and back off. Hard to change rhythms when what you’re doing at the moment feels so good. And almost impossible to stop immediately when told to.

But I recently had a caller who found a way around that. A way to put precise control directly in his Mistress’ hands, even in a phone domination call, using a toy from www.highjoy.com that’s controlled over the internet.

What an amazing little device! How very satisfying to be able to directly control the pace and intensity of his sensations, teasing him, bringing him to the edge and pulling him back again and again, as he begged for release. And what made it even better was that he was on webcam, so I had the pleasure of watching his reactions to everything I did. The perfect guided masturbation phone domination session!

But even as fun as a device like this is, you don’t need to wait until you get one to put yourself into the hands of your phone Mistress. Pick up the phone and put yourself under my control now.  Bring your toys.  Or I’ll make YOU my toy.   Guided masturbation, tease and denial, orgasm control, slut training — I have many, many ways of controlling your cock and bringing you to your knees for me.

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Sissy Slave Training

I’m enjoying a very satisfying day of sissy slave training with one of my slaves.  She’s one of my phone domination callers on Niteflirt.  She can be a very naughty sissy slut at times and I decided she needed some props to help her remember her slave status.  I sent her out today to buy a collar, pet food bowl AND — most important — an oversized dog crate.  The new props are working out very well. A total attitude adjustment for my sissy slave!  Here’s a photo of sissy slut jen in her cage, wearing her new pink collar and drinking out of her new pink water bowl.  She’s keeps begging to be let out, but she’s going to be spending the night in her slave training cage and all  day tomorrow too.

Slave training cage for my sissy slut