Private Time For A Fetish Phone Sex Call?

You may have the urge but you don’t always have privacy.  Here’s a video that I think a lot of my fetish phone sex callers can relate to.  🙂

So if you do have privacy now, don’t waste it!  Call me.

Or if I’m not available, click here for another phone sex Mistress.

Kinky Shopping In The Vanilla World



I was visiting some friends the other day and on my way home, I noticed that a new tack shop had opened in the neighborhood. I’ve been wanting to get a new crop so I decided to stop and see what they had.

Apparently they’d just opened and had their store all staffed up for an onslaught of customers that hadn’t arrived. It looked like I was the only customer in the store. When I walked in, there were four clerks standing near the door greeting me and eagerly asking if they could help  me.  I told them I just wanted to look around and went off alone in search of the crop aisle.  I spent a little while going through the selection of crops, examining the tips on each, swishing them through the air, and so on.  Then another employee approached me and asked if she could help me and I told her no also.  After a few minutes, I picked the one I wanted and brought it up to checkout area at the front of the store where there were three smiling clerks waiting to ring up my purchase.

“Just the crop today?  Anything else we can help you with? We have a few grand opening sales.”

“No, just the crop. Thanks.”

She rang up the crop and put it in a bag.  She handed me a coupon, telling me it was good for 10% off on riding boots.  I hesitated for just a second but said thanks and took it. Then one of the other clerks at the counter pulled another bag from a pile at the far side of the counter and handed it to me too, telling me it was some complimentary products to try.  The bag was heavy and I looked inside.  A bag of some kind of horse food, a bottle of horse vitamins and ….. well, you get the idea.

A wicked impulse came over me and I just couldn’t stop myself. I looked up, pushed the bag back across the counter and said “Thank you, but I don’t have a horse”.  I  gave them a big smile in return for their startled expressions,  then picked up my crop and walked out.

So is that what they mean by the expression “don’t scare the horses”?

Phone Sex Domination Predicaments

Have you missed your Mistress?  Yes, I know you have.  Nearly every day one of you asks when I’m going to post again.  I always do have a lot that I could be writing about, especially some of the wonderfully intense phone sex domination calls I’ve had lately.

Like my call with John, who thought he’d give me a call from his office to say a quick hello before going home for the night but then found himself bent over his desk being violated with a minature novelty baseball bat.

Or my Sissy Crissy, who was so excited about being feminized and dressed up like a girly slut but was then manuevered into some unexpectedly intense humiliation.

And Thomas, who celebrated his birthday with me by — among other things — doing push ups that repeatedly dipped his clothespin-covered cock and balls into a bowl of ice water and then riding a large dildo attached to a sawhorse.

There are a few others who also pushed themselves to the limit to please and entertain me but they’re going to have to tell me if they want themselves to be “outted” on here.

And if you want to hear about my kinky adventures outside of phone sex domination, ask me about the r/t session I did recently teasing, tormenting and punishing a brand new submissive pain slut — a female submissive pain slut.  But you’ll have to call me if you want to know more about that.

But if you do call to hear those details and then find yourself in some expected predicament, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  🙂

New Femdom Audio ~ Femdom Spanking Audio MP3

 I’ve been busy over the last few weeks with the holidays and a vacation so I haven’t been blogging.  But ……

I’ve been promising my domestic discipline and spanking fetish callers that I’d make a spanking MP3 for a long time and it’s available now.  Five minutes of domestic discipline style scolding and hard spanking to fuel your femdom fantasies.

You know you need a good spanking, so go grab the wooden hairbrush, drop your pants, bend over and listen.


Maybe He Should Have Called A Phone Sex Mistress Instead

A man in Iowa was arrested this yesterday when a government agent found him with his pants down, lying next to an “anatomically correct” inflatable doll in an office building restroom

The first thing I thought when I read this story was that they didn’t mention what sex the doll was.  🙂

Seriously guys, have fun but play safe out there.