5 New Femdom Audio MP3s

Yes, five new femdom audio mp3s. Cock control, feminization, cuckold, forced bi, spanking — whatever your kink, it’s probably in at least one of the erotic audios below. All are available via Niteflirt; click on the link for each mp3 for a full description.

Cock Controlled At The Office
Watching porn and masturbating at the office? Your female boss isn’t pleased.

Sissy Husband’s Surprise
In this sissy audio, your wife catches you in one of your secret dress up sessions but she’s not upset at all. She even encourages you. What a lucky sissy husband you are! Or are you?

Cuckold Cum Eater
I’m home after a hot session with my lover and you’re craving creampie.

Ready To Serve
Another sissy audio. In this one, I describe and review your performance during your weeks of training as my sissy maid. But your sissy training isn’t finished yet.

Twisted Discipline
You’re thrilled to watch out your window every night as the mysterious woman in the apartment across the alley humiliatingly punishes another woman who insultingly rejected you. The shows get more and more exciting but then things start to spin out of control.

Phone Domination Games and Gifts

My doormat continues to amuse me with the depth of his mathood. He emailed asking if I would let him call me just before I sign out, and have him pay to listen to dead air while I slept. Ordinarily, doormat has the privilege of calling while I’m still up and gets to hear me typing, or shifting in my seat, or talking to someone else.  But this time, he wanted to demonstrate his devotion even more by paying me for, well, nothing.   Since I would be asleep, he couldn’t even think of me “ignoring” him because I’d have to be awake to do that.  Even being ignored is too much attention for a true doormat. 🙂

So, he called just before I signed out; I picked up the phone, then immediately set it on my desk, and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I checked my call details, and saw that he was on the phone for a little over an hour. Adequate, but you’re going to have to do better than that next time, doormat.

Tomorrow marks 16 months of celibacy for Kevin and his tiny cock — heterosexual celibacy, anyway. He’s done plenty of cocksucking over the last 16 months. But his celibacy contract with me ends on Labor Day.  I’m considering allowing him to try to get some pussy then.  It’s been so long since he was with a woman, I think he needs to be reminded of the stunned disappointment on a woman’s face the first time he drops his pants and she sees that tiny cock.

It’s still one month until my birthday on September 1st but I’ve already gotten my first present.  Allan surprised me last night with an Amazon gift certificate. Makes me think I should start early and celebrate all month. 🙂

A Month Of Chastity Training And Denial

Yesterday marked one month of enforced chastity for doormat.   I’ve had him locked into a CB-3000 with a numbered plastic lock since May 1 and have been verifying his continued chastity by cam a couple of times a week.  He didn’t want to be in chastity but he did want to talk to me and I told him the only phone domination I’d allow him was tease and denial sessions with him in a chastity device.  So being the submissive doormat he is, of course he promptly bought one and surrendered his cock to his Mistress.

 He asked yesterday if I’d allow him out, just temporarily this weekend, for just one orgasm.  I told him I’d post the answer here.

No, doormat.  🙂