A Month Of Chastity Training And Denial

Yesterday marked one month of enforced chastity for doormat.   I’ve had him locked into a CB-3000 with a numbered plastic lock since May 1 and have been verifying his continued chastity by cam a couple of times a week.  He didn’t want to be in chastity but he did want to talk to me and I told him the only phone domination I’d allow him was tease and denial sessions with him in a chastity device.  So being the submissive doormat he is, of course he promptly bought one and surrendered his cock to his Mistress.

 He asked yesterday if I’d allow him out, just temporarily this weekend, for just one orgasm.  I told him I’d post the answer here.

No, doormat.  🙂


  1. julio says:

    Sucks to be you doormat man!
    Isn’t she soooo sexy and controlling.
    She’s the biggest Cock tease on the net!

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