Phone Sex Domination Predicaments

Have you missed your Mistress?  Yes, I know you have.  Nearly every day one of you asks when I’m going to post again.  I always do have a lot that I could be writing about, especially some of the wonderfully intense phone sex domination calls I’ve had lately.

Like my call with John, who thought he’d give me a call from his office to say a quick hello before going home for the night but then found himself bent over his desk being violated with a minature novelty baseball bat.

Or my Sissy Crissy, who was so excited about being feminized and dressed up like a girly slut but was then manuevered into some unexpectedly intense humiliation.

And Thomas, who celebrated his birthday with me by — among other things — doing push ups that repeatedly dipped his clothespin-covered cock and balls into a bowl of ice water and then riding a large dildo attached to a sawhorse.

There are a few others who also pushed themselves to the limit to please and entertain me but they’re going to have to tell me if they want themselves to be “outted” on here.

And if you want to hear about my kinky adventures outside of phone sex domination, ask me about the r/t session I did recently teasing, tormenting and punishing a brand new submissive pain slut — a female submissive pain slut.  But you’ll have to call me if you want to know more about that.

But if you do call to hear those details and then find yourself in some expected predicament, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  🙂

Phone Sex Mistress’s Bitch

My bitch Eric told me earlier this week that he was feeling the need for a particularly intense session.  Eric’s desires for humiliation and abuse always inspire my most sadistic urges. I gave him a list of items to buy and arranged for him to call me tonight.

I tormented him on the phone for over an hour. I made him gag on a dildo, stroke himself off to a ruined orgasm and smear his cum on his face, spank himself with a belt, and heat up his ass by inserting a piece of fresh peeled ginger.  But what he spent most of that hour doing was fucking his mouth and ass under my direction — with his fingers, with the dildo, with a toilet plunger handle, and even a male blow up doll.  At one point, I had him humiliatingly reaming his ass with the plunger handle while he gagged on the blow up doll’s cock for me. And he obediently kept his mouth stuffed with cock as he followed my orders to beg me to use him hard and continue to ream his ass.

And I did.

Phone Domination Games and Gifts

My doormat continues to amuse me with the depth of his mathood. He emailed asking if I would let him call me just before I sign out, and have him pay to listen to dead air while I slept. Ordinarily, doormat has the privilege of calling while I’m still up and gets to hear me typing, or shifting in my seat, or talking to someone else.  But this time, he wanted to demonstrate his devotion even more by paying me for, well, nothing.   Since I would be asleep, he couldn’t even think of me “ignoring” him because I’d have to be awake to do that.  Even being ignored is too much attention for a true doormat. 🙂

So, he called just before I signed out; I picked up the phone, then immediately set it on my desk, and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I checked my call details, and saw that he was on the phone for a little over an hour. Adequate, but you’re going to have to do better than that next time, doormat.

Tomorrow marks 16 months of celibacy for Kevin and his tiny cock — heterosexual celibacy, anyway. He’s done plenty of cocksucking over the last 16 months. But his celibacy contract with me ends on Labor Day.  I’m considering allowing him to try to get some pussy then.  It’s been so long since he was with a woman, I think he needs to be reminded of the stunned disappointment on a woman’s face the first time he drops his pants and she sees that tiny cock.

It’s still one month until my birthday on September 1st but I’ve already gotten my first present.  Allan surprised me last night with an Amazon gift certificate. Makes me think I should start early and celebrate all month. 🙂

Sissy Shopping Assignment

Sissy Crissy had a busy day completing his assignment to buy some new clothes to wear to work.  He’s going to be feeling much girlier at the office now with his new pink panties, bra and stockings under his suit. No more men’s underwear for this sissy slut; it’s only tanga panties or a thong every day from now on.  I also ordered him to get nail polish and paint his toenails bright pink.  And to apply lip gloss too three times every day to keep those lips soft and lubricated.  Does that help remind you what that sissy mouth is meant for, Crissy?

New Femdom Audio Recordings

I haven’t forgotten my blog! Just been very busy lately with other things.  And I’ve been working on a new femdom audio recording or two.  The first one is for you small cock sluts with cuckold fantasies.  You can listen to it on Niteflirt or you can buy the MP3 and listen as often as you want to me laugh at your little cock and explain your new life as a cuckold fluffer boy.

Small Cock Cuckold Humiliation – $1.69/minute

Small Cock Cuckold Humiliation MP3

I’ve been getting a lot of calls to lately to my Niteflirt recordings.  I recently made two custom ones for my submissive puppet Henry and he listens to them every day.  And even though they’re labeled as being custom for him, quite a few other guys have been calling them too. I guess they’re curious about those private messages for Henry.  Now go to my femdom audio page and start listening ……