Phone Sex Humiliation Pets

More tributes from my humiliation pets.  Nothing pleases this phone Mistress more than gifts, especially surprise gifts.

A got a nice tribute yesterday from Criss.  Criss is into almost all of my favorite humiliation fetishes — sissy feminization, cuckolding, public humiliation, forced bi. The intensity of his desire for humiliation never fails to inspire my cruelest impulses.

I got an after-call tribute from Mike too — a wicked little party slut with an insatiable craving for cock — both the strap-on kind and the real thing. I can’t call it forced bi because he likes it much too much, don’t you, Mike?

Gifts and Games

I woke up today and found an Amazon gift certificate in my email from Allan.  There’s no better way to start the day than with a little shopping spree. 🙂

And I got a nice pile of extra cash too after my little game of “raise the rate” with H.  Now don’t panic and cancel your account again like you did the last time I drained you.  You know you can never stay away from me for long.

Yesterday, I had DD on cam entertaining me by doing the nasty with the blow up doll I made him buy.  And no, I didn’t let him buy a female one.  You may say you’re straight, DD, but would a straight guy’s cock be as hard as yours was when you were sucking that inflatable cock?