Orgasm Denial Phone Sex – A Cockteasing and Denial Fantasy

You begged to be owned by me, not quite understanding what you were asking for.  Sure, it sounded really hot to you at the time.   Having a “Mistress” who would control you and drive you insane with cockteasing and denial games.  My little boy toy; you had no idea what you were in for!

How helpless and delicious you look tied to my bed, with your arms and legs splayed before me!  You wait and wonder what is going to happen to you.  Your cock so hard and stiff as I lean over you and let my silky hair brush across your flesh.  You shiver and moan in frustration.  I look directly into your eyes and my fingers lightly graze over your erection and then move down to tickle your tight balls.

“Oh, how unfortunate….you’re all bound up, at my mercy, and can’t do anything to make me stop,” I murmur.

Your cock throbs.  “How long have I been teasing you?  It must seem like *hours* to you!” I chuckle.   Horny boy…you never would have believed orgasm denial could be so incredibly intense.

My thumb gently presses at the tip of your cock head.  Slowly, I swirl it around in a circle, causing your pre-cum to ooze out of you.

“Oh god…please.  Please let me cum for you!” you plead.

My eyes glow with mischief.  My index finger plays around your sticky cock head and I scoop up some of your pre-cum.

“You want to cum?  For me?  How sweet of you ….” I say nonchalantly as my cum-coated finger traces your lips and creates a lovely sperm-sheen on your mouth.

The simple truth is, when I am engaging in cockteasing and denial with a submissive, the turn on is immense for me.  The control I have over his cock, his orgasm — nothing is quite as exciting to a woman like me.

You attempt to squirm and shake loose from your restraints as I busy myself by searching for something in the nightstand drawer.  Oh yes, there it is!  I return to the bed and climb up and sit in between your spread-eagle, bound legs.

“You’re such a horny slut, aren’t you?” I say softly as you watch me apply lube to a large butt plug.

“The thing is, I don’t know if I want you to cum yet.  I mean…I could just stroke your cock right here and now, but…” I slide my hand beneath you and  slip in that nice smooth butt plug while I ponder over the orgasmic possibilities.

“I guess I haven’t really thought about it all that much,” I tease.  Then, without warning, the butt plug begins to vibrate inside of you.

You cry out and your cock is bulging; the veins looking like they are about to burst.

I slide up and lie right next to you of you, my face just inches from yours and I whisper in your ear.

“Actually, you’re not going to cum anytime soon, slut boy.  I’m not finished teasing and tormenting you.  I enjoy my orgasm denial games too much to let this end too soon.”

My Phone Sex Bitch For The Week

Today was the end of I’m Your Bitch Week for Eric.  Not that he isn’t always a good phone sex bitch for his Mistress but he was overdue for some intensive submissive humiliation and I’m always ready to provide that. So it was a week of daily humiliation for my bitch.  Like daily tease and denial phone sex but no orgasms — except a ruined orgasm.  And his ruined orgasm was ruined even more because he had to lick up his cum and hold it in his mouth until I felt like giving him permission to swallow. 

I also had him wear pink bikini panties to work on Wednesday and a lacy black thong on Friday. I can only imagine hard it must be to maintain that macho litigator attitude when you’re being relentlessly tickled by a scrap of lace tucked between your ass cheeks. He hated that. But I think he probably enjoyed having a butt plug in his ass for most of Thursday afternoon.

Lots of other humiliations too over the week, but I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to do because he could only call from his office. But yesterday he finally had some privacy at home and could call me to be used the way a bitch should be used. A long, humiliating session with a hairbrush, a banana, ginger, lipstick, two dildos and a few other things.  Yes, I definitely made you my bitch, didn’t I, Eric?

A Month Of Chastity Training And Denial

Yesterday marked one month of enforced chastity for doormat.   I’ve had him locked into a CB-3000 with a numbered plastic lock since May 1 and have been verifying his continued chastity by cam a couple of times a week.  He didn’t want to be in chastity but he did want to talk to me and I told him the only phone domination I’d allow him was tease and denial sessions with him in a chastity device.  So being the submissive doormat he is, of course he promptly bought one and surrendered his cock to his Mistress.

 He asked yesterday if I’d allow him out, just temporarily this weekend, for just one orgasm.  I told him I’d post the answer here.

No, doormat.  🙂