“What’s that new ‘Femdom Mistress’ button in sidebar?”

I now have a new option for receiving phone domination calls!  It’s a service that works very much the same as Niteflirt — you create an account, add money and just click a button to make your call. Just like Niteflirt, it’s totally anonymous and your personal information isn’t visible to anyone you call.  AND when you sign up, you automatically get a $5 credit for free phone sex.

Phone Sex Mistress

The New "Phone Sex Mistress" Call Button

You can still reach me on Niteflirt too, but this service has a few advantages over Niteflirt.  The most important is the freedom to discuss a wider range of phone sex topics than Niteflirt allows.  I can also take payments for IM chat sessions for those times when you’re craving some naughty chat but can’t talk on the phone. My experience with them so far has been great. They’re constantly working on improving and adding new features and their customer service seems to respond very quickly to any questions or concerns.

As of right now, they only use the click-to-call system, but soon they’ll have a regular, dialable 800 number too.

I’m very pleased to have this new option for callers who just don’t like using Niteflirt and especially for those of you into phone domination topics that fall outside of Niteflirt’s TOS.  I’m still not exactly a totally “no taboo” phone sex Mistress, but I can be more flexible than Niteflirt’s policies allow.

So give me a call on the new system by clicking the “Femdom Mistress button in the sidebar on the right.  To encourage you to try it out, for a limited time, I’m lowering my rate for that line only to less than my usual Niteflirt rate – just $2.00/minute.  So you get the $5 credit plus a discount.  But my discounted rate is only for a limited time, so do it soon.

Rep. Weiner, Next Time, Try A Discreet, Private Phone Sex Call Instead

Seriously, didn’t Weiner realize how reckless he was being?  Anyone takes a risk making suggestive conversation on Twitter or Facebook or other sites like that.  But as a public figure and politician, he should have known that he was taking a huge risk.

I could be more sympathetic if there weren’t so many other more discreet ways of dealing with naughty Weiner urges. We all like to play and indulge in secret sexy fun sometimes. Nothing wrong with that. But he would have probably avoided Weinergate if he’d been calling a site like Niteflirt for discreet private phone sex encounters instead.  A safe, anonymous phone sex call would have been more “satisfying” but with none of the risk.

You can still sign up now, Rep. Weiner.  Go to Niteflirt.com.  Hundreds of women available to give your weiner whatever kind of attention it needs. And Niteflirt will even give you 3 minutes of free phone sex on your first call. ;-)

Femdom Forced Bi and Cuckold Humiliation Video

Sexy Mistress cuckolds her slave

I just saw this and like it so much, I had to post about it.

If you’re one of my phone domination callers who’s into cuckold humiliation or femdom forced bi, you will love this super humiliating cuckold video where a real life slave’s sexy Mistress decides to fulfill his cuckold fantasies. The video includes just about every cuckold humiliation scenario you can imagine like being locked into a chastity device, made to suck cock and ask a man to fuck him while his Mistress taunts him, forced to watch while she gets fucked by a well hung stud, made to lick the cum out of her pussy — and more.

Here’s a shot from one of the hottest scenes from the video.

So check out the video and let it jump start your cuckold cock sucking fantasies, then give me a call.

5 New Femdom Audio MP3s

Yes, five new femdom audio mp3s. Cock control, feminization, cuckold, forced bi, spanking — whatever your kink, it’s probably in at least one of the erotic audios below. All are available via Niteflirt; click on the link for each mp3 for a full description.

Cock Controlled At The Office
Watching porn and masturbating at the office? Your female boss isn’t pleased.

Sissy Husband’s Surprise
In this sissy audio, your wife catches you in one of your secret dress up sessions but she’s not upset at all. She even encourages you. What a lucky sissy husband you are! Or are you?

Cuckold Cum Eater
I’m home after a hot session with my lover and you’re craving creampie.

Ready To Serve
Another sissy audio. In this one, I describe and review your performance during your weeks of training as my sissy maid. But your sissy training isn’t finished yet.

Twisted Discipline
You’re thrilled to watch out your window every night as the mysterious woman in the apartment across the alley humiliatingly punishes another woman who insultingly rejected you. The shows get more and more exciting but then things start to spin out of control.

Panty Boy Phone Sex

panty boy phone sexWho says you can’t take an outwardly alpha male and transform him into a well-tamed, obedient panty boy? After just a few weeks of panty boy phone sex training, this formerly self-centered, sexually inadequate man is now not only securely locked in a chastity device, wearing panties every day and sleeping in a babydoll nightie every night but loving it too. He even has an appointment on Saturday for full body laser hair removal.

From his email on Monday:

“Pink hiphuggers for your panty boy today. We’ve got customers in town today so I’ll be making a presentation in the boardroom. I’m not sure why but every time I’ve gone in the boardroom for a meeting this month it turns me on to think about the fact that I’m wearing panties.

So many meetings in there turn into these mental dick-measuring contests and ego stroke-fests and when needed I am quite the pitbull. Little do they know you’ve turned me into a poodle instead… ”

Isn’t it great what a little panty boy phone sex training can accomplish?